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The Gung Ho! Revolution Film Festival began in July 2022 as Midsummer Night Screams. Originally, the festival began as an effort from filmmaker Nathan Karimi to make good on his promise to premiere the Gung Ho! Guerillaz' first feature film, Oscar. Tango. Hellwater. in Blackwater, Missouri, for the people of the town who supported the film's production. 

With festival dates scheduled and fast approaching, we realized that our film would not be ready.

Starting a film festival was always a goal so, we decided to act fast so the show could go on! We needed to move the festival back to St. Louis and schedule the Oscar. Tango. Hellwater. showing in Blackwater once it was ready.

Along with the support of Kalinga Production Studios, we pivoted hard and found the Ozark Theatre, a stunning venue in Webster Groves, Missouri. It was the perfect place to host our film & music festival. 

And we were off to the races ...! 

Fast forward one year and we're at it again. We made some adjustments. First, the name ... we determined that summer was not the optimal time to host a film festival so, we moved it to October and re-named it,

The Gung Ho! Revolution ... after all, that was always the goal. Not just a festival, but a revolution in independent film,

by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

You see, Gung Ho! is a way of life for us. It's an ecosystem. We are filmmakers and film fans. We are Gung Ho! about supporting filmmakers. We are Gung Ho! about giving filmmakers the experience that we want at film festivals. Great movies. Great prizes. Great competition. And an easy place to discuss: "What's next?"

It was very important for us, as filmmakers, to provide a different experience to filmmakers. We came up with a six-year plan to make certain that every year, we produce one script among all the submissions. This year, we'll be running a short-horror script competition alongside general submissions. The winner of that competition will have their script produced here in St. Louis. Now, in order to keep this possible, we've partnered with 5 soon to be announced locations that writers entering this competition will be able to choose from to use

as the setting for their story. 

More coming soon! Thanks for checking us out! 

Stay Gung Ho!

The Gung Ho! Revolution team!


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