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By now, you might have realized that we're no ordinary film festival ... we're filmmakers on a mission to design the next

independent film revolution.

Gung Ho! Revolution

is a 2nd-year film festival, script competition, and 1st year

YouTube/Television Series.


Each year we host a film festival and we review our submissions selection process on our weekly YouTube series, The Jungle Room. 


What sets us apart from other film festivals, is the production and competition element. We'll partner with St. Louis locations and production teams to produce the winning script every year with the purpose of sourcing, highlighting, and growing the careers of ultra-independent, ultra-low-budget filmmakers while highlighting St. Louis.


The goal of this organization is to become a premiere destination for under $500,000 film projects, and for filmmakers to network and understand the value of St. Louis and its production capabilities while providing consistent work to filmmakers and graduates of film programs from local film schools herein

St. Louis.

By 2028, we will produce a winning feature script in Missouri/Illinois every year.

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